Towards a sound utopia: Analysis of Denmark Street in St.Giles,London

The project of site is Denmark Street in London. The street is situated in the area once known as St Giles’s, which was long a centre for the printing and distribution of ballad sheets, also known as broadsides, which were then sold far and wide by itinerant hawkers. Denmark Street is surrounded by different kinds of recording and music stores. The reason why this project choose Denmark Street is musical sound that is the pleasure and urban delight in this project.

Not only recording and music instruments stores, but some office buildings, restaurants and cafés are gathering around Denmark Street. Centre Point including shops, offices and retail units is the iconic building in St Giles. It was one of the first skyscrapers in London. Next to Centre Point, there is Tottenham Court Road. It is a London Underground station in St Giles in the West End of London. A lots of people are taking tubes in here as a transfer tube station.

Denmark Street is the paramount area for music industries in London. 16 musical instruments stores are located in Denmark Street. People who love and have interested in music visit this place to buy some instruments. Most of shops allow people to play instrument to make care of music.