[Tilting system]
Device for lifting, tilting and discharging garbage containers into a collecting garbage truck. The hydraulic cylinders used for the dump truck tilting system are too long to be lifted to a good height. It also requires a cylinder with a greater diameter so that it can bear the weight of the materials in the truck.

[The Waste Scraper]
Once the waste is dumped, it is compacted by a hydraulically powered moving wall oscillating backwards and forwards to push it to the vehicle’s rear. Most of the newer packing trucks have “pack-on-the-go hydraulics”, which lets the driver pack loads while driving, allowing faster route times.

 [The push plate mechanism]
After the garbage is full, the vehicle is transported to the garbage transfer station or treatment site, the filler is turned on, and the push plate mechanism pushes backwards to push the garbage out of the garbage bin. After the garbage is unloaded, the push plate should be retracted in time. And locked the filler completed garbage collection and transportation work.