Towards a sound utopia: Pleasure of sound in Soho, London

I am a storyteller - real or fictional. I am interested in the latent qualities of residual, urban pockets and architectures that embody a character and engage with the public. I will migrate to a central urban pocket, to Soho and explore the notion of “Pleasure and Urban delight”. How can we as architects contribute to a contemporary concept of pleasure? Urban strategies for a city like London suggest a need for discovery, subversion, fantasy, temporariness, and mobility. I will use this year to research ideas of pleasure and I will conceive projects that promote urban delight.

This drawing clearly represents synthetic sounds of Soho. Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus and Tottenham Court Road make sounds much bigger thatn other
areas that mean many people are gathered as well as different kinds of sounds are created. Under construction areas shows that Soho is quite loud and noisy that cause sounds damages. Furthermore, Soho is surrounded by traffic roads that appear one of the most frenetic places in London.

Although Soho in central London is surrounded by a lot of different sound such as people’s voice, shouting, footsteps, vehicle’s horns and street-band music, it is a great place to find live entertainment, interesting food and pulsing night-life. Among a variety of sound, I am able to find pleasure and urban delight from music of street performance. This project focused on architectural spaces in music and musical instruments.